The 2nd UK Autophagy Network Meeting was held in Edinburgh, April 2016!

A big thank you to all those that attended the 2nd UK Autophagy network this year. We had an amazing turnout, with 120 delegates, representing 29 universities and institutions from the length and breadth of the United Kingdom, coming together to share their research and forge future collaborations across areas as diverse as basic mechanism, disease biology, model organism studies and with forays into non-canonical autophagy and autophagy-related processes.

Superb keynote addresses were given by Kevin Ryan of the Beatson Institute and from further afield in Europe by Ivan Dikic of Goethe University and Anne Simonsen of the University of Oslo.

From the rest of the UK network talks were delivered by Jane Fraser (Gammoh lab), Pablo Baquero (Helgason lab), Bernadette Carroll (Korolchuk lab), Christina Schoenherr (Frame lab), Fiona Menzies (Rubinsztein lab), David Tumbarello, Andrea Sirianni (Mostowy lab), Anne-Claire Jacomin (Nezis lab), Nikolaos Dimitrios Gergakopoulos (lab), Junichi Sakamaki (Ryan lab), David McEwan, Ahn Tran (Helfrich lab), Katherine Fletcher (Florey lab), Alexander Agrotis (Ketteler lab), Edmond Chan, Robert Button (Luo lab), Aikaterina Lampada (Salomoni lab) and Joel Riley (Tait lab).

The meeting was also crowned by a lively Ceilidh event in the historic debating hall of Edinburgh University’s Teviot House on the evening of the first night!

Furthermore, as mentioned during the meeting, the 3rd Autophagy UK network meeting is already being planned but it is not too late to have your say in the way it will work. Please keep an eye out for the newsletter (sign up as directed on the sidebar if you haven’t already done so) to give your feedback and thoughts on the future of this fantastic event.