2017 London meeting

A huge thank you to the organisers (Robin Ketteler, Michelangelo Campanella) and all those who attended and contributed to the 3rd annual network meeting this year. Once more, the meeting generated great interest and participation. Around 140 delegates from over 30 different institutions and organizations attended over the two days, all sharing their exciting data and cultivating new collaborations and ideas.

As with previous years, there was a stellar selection of keynote talks from Felix Randow (MRC LMB, UK) and from further afield by Marja Jäättelä (Danish Cancer Society Research Centre, Copenhagen, DK) and Beth Levine (UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, Texas, USA).

Thanks to the generous support from our sponsors (amsbio, bio-techne, proteintech, Science, Journal of Cell Science, Enzo, and PerkinElmer), the best poster prize was awarded to David McEwan and the best talk prizes to Kiren Baines and Matthew Smith.

 From the rest of the UK there were talks given by Rachel Ulferts (Beale lab), Barbara Clough (Frickel lab),  Padhmanand Sudhakar (Korcsmaros lab), Tolga Bozkurt, Ian Ganley, Elena Marcassa (Clague lab), Taki Nishimura (Stefan lab), Matthew Smith (Wilkinson lab), Stephanie Kermorgant, Karen Frudd (Burgoyne lab), Ivana Bedjov, Tom Wileman, Avraham Ashkenazi (Rubinsztein lab), Olga Biskou (Barlow lab), Shreyasi Chatterjee (Mudher lab), Liam Cassidy (Narita lab), Emily Crowley (Richardson lab), Claudia Manzoni (Lewis lab), James Hutt (PerkinElmer), Natalia Riobo-Del Galdo, Kiren Baines (Lane lab) and Marina Garcia-Macia  (Coto-Montes). The quality of the presentations and the posters were exceptionally high and diverse, showcasing the fantastic autophagy research that is going on throughout the UK.

The annual Autophagy UK Network meeting is a fantastic opportunity for junior researchers to be aware of the excellent science produced by UK autophagy research labs, to share their data and to build a network of contacts.  In this regard and as mentioned at the end of the conference, the 4th Autophagy UK network meeting is already in the pipeline with it set to be held in Cambridge in 2018. Please keep an eye on this page and for e-mails from the Autophagy Network UK for updates.


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