PAPER: Annexin A2 regulates autophagy, from the Rubinsztein group

Annexin A2 is a calcium regulated protein involved in membrane binding and actin polymerization. In this paper, Kevin Moreau and colleagues identified Annexin A2 as a positive regulator of autophagy, since its silencing blocked starvation induced autophagy. They also identified a link between Atg9 trafficking and Annexin A2, finding that the protein is needed for Atg9 trafficking from early to recycling endosomes.
Also pointing to an important role for this protein in autophagy, is the finding that Annexin A2 is up-regulated upon starvation, an effect that is dependent on JNK activation.

To learn more: Transcriptional regulation of Annexin A2 promotes starvation-induced autophagy Nat Commun. 2015 Aug