EMBO Practical Course: New Approaches to Ubiquitin and Ubiquitin-like modifications, Sardinia, 17 -24 September 2016

The EMBO Practical Course on New approaches to study ubiquitin and ubiquitin-like modifications will be held in Sardinia from 17-24 September 2016.


The course is aimed at PhD students and postdocs, and preference will be given to individuals from non ubiquitin-labs. Educational lectures by key researchers in the field, including Richard Youle, Sylvie Urbe, Lorenza Penengo, Huib Ovaa, and Michael Clague, will provide an excellent overview of current topics and developments in ubiquitin signalling and methods development.

In addition, serious practical sessions will allow participants to introduce the latest ubiquitin methods and technologies in their home labs. Examples are training in Ubiquitin chain restriction (UbiCrest) analysis, modification of DUBs by ubiquitin suicide probes, in silico identification and characterisation of ubiquitin/Ubl binding domains, and insights into Ub-like modifications (SUMO and NEDD8).

The application deadline is May 1st. Please forward this to interested researchers. A limited number of travel grants is available. For informal queries, please email

Best regards
on behalf of the organisers

Kay Hofmann (U. Cologne)
Andrea Pichler (MPI Freiburg)
Matthias Peter (ETH Zurich)
David Komander (MRC LMB Cambridge).