Mapping AutophagyUK papers

Who and where AutophagyUK researchers are is shown here.
But where are most of the autophagy papers in the UK coming from?

By retrieving from scopus the papers published with the keyword “autophagy” and with at least one author from the UK together with the affiliations of their authors we could map the number of papers published to their location in the UK.

You can see that the AutophagyUK network is quite spread around the country with the top 10 autophagy institutes being: University of Cambridge, UCL, Cancer Research UK, Cambridge Institute for Medical Research, King’s College London, University of Oxford, University of Manchester, University of Edinburgh, Imperial College London and the University of Glasgow.

At present 1730 UK articles have been published on autophagy, with the earliest from 1968, when 2 papers were published: one, an electron microscopy study of the gut of the locust Schistocerca gregaria, and the second a study on the effects on short-term starvation on a portion of the mouse kidney. [EDIT: Apparently there is an even older paper, published in 1965 describing cytolysosomes, the then alternative terminology for autophagosomes, in erythrocytes. See the discussion below]

Until 2000 only an average of 2 papers per year were published on autophagy, after which the rate steadily increased, reaching an average of 230 papers published each year between 2010-2014.

Also available in the metadata is the country of origin of the other co-autohors in the selected publications, which can give an indication of the international collaborators of the AutophagyUK researchers. Again, very few countries were not involved in at least one study, with the winning collaborating countries being USA, Italy, and Germany with 383,143, and 128 collaborative papers respectively.